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      Alupro Marine

      Perfect air

      We can filter out 99.9% of the water particles in the air — no more mist or water droplets in places where they can wreak havoc saving you downtime and money.

      Next generation solutions

      We are an expert in next generation ventilation products and architectural construction. At Alupro, we create both the most visually impressive surfaces and technologically superior solutions for HVAC and Marine & Offshore industry. Our efficient and maintenance free separators and louvers are designed for the most extreme climate conditions where water droplets, sand or other contaminants challenge your air intake.

      When you need unbeatable air handling or visually stunning architecture, contact us.


      A truly tailored fit

      Our mission is to provide Perfect Solution for you. Therefore, we are more than willing to cooperate with you to design and make the required modifications to our solutions to meet your demands. And we do this with over three decades of experience in design, development, and manufacturing. Our enthusiasm for excellence in service and delivery drives us in everything we do.


      Hungry for more information?


      Get in touch! We are here for you. Please, contact us, and let’s start our journey together.