Aluminum Facades

Designed to last, built to impress. We create aluminum facades, aluminum meshes, aluminum screens and architectural grilles a with a seamless finish.

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Marine & Offshore

We build innovative marine louvers and droplet separators for extreme environments.

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Protecting people, complementing architecture. High quality fall prevention systems, collision railings and safety railings.

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Marine demisting solutions - droplet separators - louvers - ventilation grilles - cube type intakes. - vedenerottimet - meriteollisuudelle

Marine demisting solutions

We have developed, tested and manufactured marine demisting solutions for some of the worlds leading HVAC systems suppliers and producers for global projects ranging from...

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UPM - Biofore House - building facade - steel mesh facade - unique facade - sun screen facade - sustainable design - architectural facade - aluminum mesh facade - teräsverkkojulkisivu - julkisivuverkko - verkko julkisivu - Alupro Oy

Architectural facade at UPM headquarters

The architectural facade of UPM's head office Biofore House is Alupro's masterpiece. Twisted sunscreens made of steel mesh represent ecology and advanced energy savings. In...

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Finnair - louver facade - parking hall louvers - crash barrier - säleiköt - törmäyskaiteet - Alupro

Louver facade in Finnair HQ and parking hall

We built the large louver facade of Finnair corporation's headquarters and parking hall, as well as the interior collision railings in the parking hall. The...

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Finnish Parliament House - brass ventilation louvers - architectural ventilation louvers - ventilation louver - Eduskuntatalo - messinkinen IV-säleikkö - ilmanvaihtosäleikkö - Eduskuntatalo saneeraus - Alupro

Brass ventilation louvers at Finnish Parliament House

We are proud to announce the completion of architectural ventilation louvers, made of brass, for the Finnish Parliament House. For the last decade we have...

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Helsinki airport railway station - suspended ceilings and walls - ceiling tiles - aluminum decorative panel - aluminum ceiling sheets - aluminum ceiling panel - Alupro

Suspended ceilings and walls at Helsinki airport railway station

We have had the privilege in being part of expanding Finland's railway network by supplying and installing suspended ceilings and walls in the new Helsinki...

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Tikkurilan asema - PS-P - alumiinisäleiköt - säleikkö - säleikkö seinään - julkisivusäleikkö - seinä säleikkö - peitesäleikkö - säleikkö alumiini - Alupro

Aluminum louvers with walnut wood at Tikkurila railway station

Alupro's architectural louvers combined with walnut wood stand out at Tikkurila railway station in Vantaa, Finland. Tikkurila railway station is one of our favorite projects,...

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Electronic reseller Expert - aluminum mesh - mesh cladding - cassette facade - Expert Tammisto - alumiiniset verkkojulkisivut ja kasetit - mesh facades

Mesh and cassette facade in Expert

Electronic reseller Expert chose our aluminum mesh and cassette facade for the company building. Aluminum mesh and cassette facade Alupro's projects include an electronic reseller...

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PS-P - säleikkö - säleiköt - alumiinisäleikkö - säleikkö kaide - kaideratkaisut - kaide vaihtoehdot - Alupro

Louvers as part of home architecture

Aluminum louvers are an attractive choice for private homes. They endure and hold their shape. They are maintenance-free and provide the property with structural and...

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