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      Alupro Marine

      Perfect air

      We can filter out 99.9% of the water particles in the air — no more mist or water droplets in places where they can wreak havoc saving you downtime and money.


      Decades of expereince with finest solutions

      Our company has its roots in the 1960s. Then, we were famous for manufacturing the finest, most durable, and most functional louvers and gratings in Finland. Today, we are so much more.

      Alupro has three main business lines: Marine & Offshore, HVAC and Construction. We design, manufacture, and implement technical ventilation products and demanding architectural surfaces worldwide.

      The digital twin

      Information modeling is part of Alupro's entire service model - in sales, design, manufacturing, installation, and logistics - offering you a strategic competitive advantage. The use of information modelling (BIM) improves the flow of information, reduces duplicate work and reduces the possibility of errors.

      In addition to our high-quality products, we are proud of the way we operate to help all parties succeed and play together. By sharing of Revit objects and models we ensure seamless fit. 

      Competence in people

      Alupro's expertise lies in people. We employ more than 80 experts from welders to engineers and from painters to installers at our factory and office in Finland. We believe that in a world of increasing complexity, rapidly updated and multidisciplinary expertise is needed. That's why we have different people from various nationalities in different life situations working for us. We combine the skill of planning and making by hand, with which we achieve beautiful and functional products and solutions.

      We create the best solution for the project

      Our values are openness, reliability, responsibility and effortlessness. All products and deliveries are made flexibly and tailored to the customer's wishes and needs. Our enthusiasm for excellence in service and delivery drives us in everything we do. This is why we work closely with customers to ensure the perfect result. For us, providing a solution means guaranteeing your long-term success without neglecting the environment.

      Hungry for more information?

      Get in touch! We are here for you. Please, contact us, and let’s start our journey together. 


      Public name of the project:
      Maritime and Sandstorm 2025
      Public summary of the project:
      Alupro seeks profitable growth from the export market.
      Grant awarded €151,100