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      Alupro Marine

      Perfect air

      We can filter out 99.9% of the water particles in the air — no more mist or water droplets in places where they can wreak havoc saving you downtime and money.

      Tailor made HVAC solutions

      Separators and technical louvers for the most extreme climate conditions.

      Perfect Air

      Traditional HVAC systems use an excessive amount of energy, maintenance, and filters during their lifecycle. Alupro's innovative solutions can help you save in each of the above by blocking majority of harmful particles already at the air inlet.

      Our products can filter out:

      • sand, stones, and dust
      • water droplets
      • snow and ice

      Due to their adaptability and high performance, our solutions are optimal for vessels, buildings, wind parks, generators and other structures that require technical ventilation solutions as part of the specification and system design.


      Ships and Vessels

      Air intake is put to the test in sea areas where weather changes can be fast and drastic. Additional challenges are brought by salt-laden seawater mist, ice formation as well as strong winds and rain.

      No weather is too extreme for us. Alupro's water droplet separators can filter out 99.9% of the water particles already at the air intake – Offering high water separation performance and low-pressure loss at high flow rates. Our patented separators block mist and water droplets from entering the engine through inlets. Heated vanes prevent water and snow from freezing and blocking ventilation ducts in arctic conditions.


      An inefficient ventilation in buildings can lead to reduced indoor air quality, increased energy consumption, and higher maintenance costs.

      We can tailor a solution that fully meets your needs and reduce the costs spent on maintenance and operation. All of our inlet and outlet solutions are custom made and can be supplied with additional technical components to meet industry standards.

      Wind farms & Substations

      While offshore structures must withstand heavy water loads and extreme weather conditions, challenges for inland structures are more solid airborne debris, such as sand and dust. 

      Alupro separators can catch water, stones, and dust from incoming air already at the inlet. Our separator design ensures that the HVAC system operates at peak efficiency without the need for constant filter replacements, reducing the overall operational costs. Without the need for bag filters, the HAVC system also requires less space and allows for greater flexibility in terms of installation and design. 

      Data centres

      HVAC systems control and maintain optimal temperature, humidity, air flow and filtering. Strictly regulated air-conditioning protects the intricate and sensitive equipment inside. 

      Our solution acts as a barrier for the whole HVAC system. It prevents harmful particles from entering the air inlet and travelling through the system in places where they can wreak havoc. Alupro separators can be equipped with panel filters to achieve even purer air quality making them excellent solutions for data centres.

      Energy storages & generators

      Alupro solutions are suitable for generator air intakes in areas such as deserts and offshore, where sand, strong wind and water cause challenges. We can filter out sand and droplets at the air inlet and prevent hazardous contaminants entering air intake units or equipment rooms. Ask our sales more about the customization options!


      Customer Testimonials

      Alupro and Chantiers de l’Atlantique have been co-operating since 10 years now on ships belonging to the Oasis series, owned by RCCL, and Edge series operated by Celebrity cruise. In that period of time, CdA has had the occasion to notice the abilities of Alupro, its professionalism and has proven loyal to its commitments, fully meeting our expectations in terms of quality and service. We could say today that, over time and thanks to a fluid communication between the two, our relationship is strong.

      Chantiers de l'Atlantique

      We have partnered with Alupro in our residential building by installing Desander louvers for the air intakes of the AHU’s. We are very pleased with the functionality of the louvers as they block most of the particles already at the inlet, keeping the filters and the whole system clean. There is also a notable difference in AHU performance during service cycle as the air flow rates remain high due less overall contamination in the system

      Maryna Rogova - Kingfield Management - UAE

      We enjoy to work with Alupro for many years. The communication is fluid and pleasant, our relationship goes very well, and their work corresponds to our expectations. We also appreciate their good reactivity and their flexibility when it comes to creating customized separators.


      At Meyer Turku, we value and expect flexibility and reliability from our suppliers. Over the years Alupro has proven time and again to be a highly service-orientated and truly dependable manufacturer and supplier, fulfilling our values in every way.

      Meyer Turku

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