Window louvers at apartment buildings

Aluminum window louvers were installed in the Taivaanpankko apartment buildings’ facades for sun protection. Our Window Louvers provide an excellent facade solution which always take into account the environment, natural forces, and buildings’ technical requirements.

Custom-made window louvers for sun protection

Our louver creates impressive architectural facades and functional design elements. They adapt to many needs thanks to their customisability. Window louvers are custom-made in the desired shape and size.

Our louvers are popular due to their ease of use, and them being long-lasting and functional. Louvers are light, easily installed, fireproof and moisture-proof. Diverse color shades, different surface coatings,  metal materials and forms are available. We provide special solutions in accordance with the wishes of the architect.

Louver applications

The louvers can be used in facades, windows, walls and suspended ceilings. Louvers can be used also as sun shades. The variety of shapes and spacings makes our louvers suitable for almost limitless applications.

Louvers are traditionally used to protect ventilation openings and radiator channels in the interior. But multi-purpose louvers can also be used as functional design elements both inside and outside the building. Modern solutions make it possible to create impressive decorations. The louvers can also be used for upholsteries for less spectacular surfaces, such as hiding technology.

Production options

PS-P Louvers can be made of aluminum, brass, copper or acid-proof steel, precisely in the desired shape and size. Curved solutions can also be implemented. PS-P Louvers are provided with or without frames, depending on the needs of the application. With different shapes and spacings, the possibilities of utilization expand to very different implementations. Finishing is available in either powder coated color or anodized treatment.

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Sun Shade Louvers

Our PS-P Sun Shade Louvers are lightweight, overhead windows or front-mounted sun protection systems. They prevent excessive heat and dazzling sunlight coming indoors without blocking the visibility outside. Our Sun Shade Louvers bring great energy savings by reducing the need for mechanical ventilation.

PS-P Sun Shade Louvers can be used on all levels of the building. They are usually produced from extruded aluminum. Finishing is available in either powder coated color or anodized treatment.

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