Unique mesh facade in Savonlinna library

Unique mesh facade in Savonlinna library was custom designed to look handmade according to the wishes of the architect.

Unique mesh facade made of steel and aluminum

The unique mesh facade of Savonlinna library is made of untreated Siberian larch which ages beautifully. The long facades are decorated by a wire mesh designed by graphic designer Aimo Katajamäki and manufactured by Alupro Oy. The mesh frame is made of steel and the patterns of aluminum.

Both facades have the same patterns but in different order. The pictures of the mesh are related to Savo and Savonlinna: perch, anchor, ballet dancer, moose, steamboat, bow, conductor, bear, book carrier, church clock, open palm, singer’s head, cow, reading man, pine, (information) stairs, lamb head, owl, saxophone player, duck, rowboat and letters SAVO.

Savonlinna is a town of opera and summer, and also the home of writer Joel Lehtonen. The people of Savonlinna voted for a name for the library and the name chosed was Joeli.

Architectural meshes

As diversified as today’s architecture, as diversified are Alupro’s types of architectural mesh. We develop individual wire mesh for your special demands. Our high-quality mesh facade is a dynamic-looking mesh cladding for projects with individual character.

All Alupro architectural meshes are specially manufactured for each individual project. Each project has unique visual and technical requirements. We consider your requirements and assist in the selection of the most suitable architectural wire mesh specification and appropriate mounting system.

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Mesh facades give a new look

Meshes give architecture a new look. Mesh facade acts as an effective privacy and sun screen. They give protection from the sun while reducing the need for cooling energy. The meshes are suitable for a variety of applications both as a boost and as a whole facade.

We usually use aluminum as the material, since it is lighter than steel and very resistant to weathering. Aluminum as a material is recyclable and maintenance free and it is easy to paint in the desired tone. In addition to aluminum, meshes can be made of copper, brass, stainless steel and acid-proof steel.

We also offer an extensive range of colors in highly durable weather resistant powder coating. Powder coating provides an UV-protected, long-lasting surface. In addition, aluminum structures can be painted with so-called washable paint to remove graffiti from the facade quickly. Read more about Alupro mesh facades >>

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