Alupro involved in renovating the Parliament House

The Finnish Parliament House has been renovated to its original look. At the same time, the building designed by architect J. S. Sirén, completed in 1931, has moved to modern times. The technology of the Parliament House was renewed, and the decor of the building was also restored. Alupro had a prominent role in the renovation of the building technology, for example spectacular brass ventilation louvers now embellish the national monument.

In a ten-year renovation project, the national monument was wanted to restore its original look. Therefore, it has been a major renovation project for demanding building design and contracting. Helin & Co architectural office was responsible for the architectural design and Lemminkäinen was the main contractor.

Brass ventilation louvers as sculptures

In connection with the contract, Alupro built brass ventilation louvers on the north end of the Parliament House area, between the granite plaque and President Kallio’s statue. The brass ventilation louvers were also built on the courtyard.

“Brass patinizes solemnly in the Parliament House’s surroundings. New construction includes also a technical space placed in the inner courtyard, which we have met with the copper upholstery. A good example of our supplies are also aluminum louvers installed in underground spaces, where the edges of the louver conform to the shape of the graveled rock profile. The precisely dimensioned louver provides a robust and uniform protection for the entire concealed area”, says Vesa Samela, Managing Director of Alupro.

Demanding details carried out

The use of the interior of the Parliament House has intensified over the decades, while the criteria for indoor air quality have changed since the 1930s. In this case, the gravitational ventilation was the starting point for the channeling design. Modern building technology requires machine room and channel space and at the same time brings with it the terminal devices that are visible.

Designers have had to take into account how each louver according to the material choice and surface structure is positioned in accordance with the main theme of the architecture. This has demanded expertise and workmanship by manufacturers and installers, such as Alupro, to meet the requirements based on building protection as well as the contemporary criteria for indoor air quality.

“Carefulness and the respectful attitude of our work has created the foundation for success. The eye of the passer-by falls easily into a rough installation or a product that is clumsy in its essence. The Parliament House’s milieu is in this respect the most demanding of the smallest details”, Samela sums up.

The metal master

Alupro has been responsible for the manufacturing, production planning and quality of these products, which are part of the Parliament House’s demanding building milieu.

“Alupro’s professional skills consist of many components. Our production technology is unique and gives the opportunity to offer a broad spectrum of metal product families to the market. The products we supplied to the Parliament House at various repair stages are a good example of this”, Samela states and continues: “Some of the products are made in non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass, and some of our supplies are made of stainless steel and some of aluminum. Common to all our products is that they always offer optimal technical features and uniform quality. ”

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