Mesh facade in Kotisiilo tower

The mesh façade in the residential tower building has been made with aluminum expamet mesh.

Järvenpää’s Kotisiilo residential tower stands out in the cityscape. It is a new way of thinking in the architecture of our country. The silo shape is precise and smooth. The three-dimension of the tower house is repeated both from a distance and up close when looking at the building as precise and dynamic.

The architecture of the site is the handprint of HPK Architects and the implementation by Alupron. The effect lighting of the building has been implemented by Epäsuoravalo Oy.

Architectural mesh facade

The use of various metal meshes and metal perforated sheets as a façade cladding material has long been a trend in Finnish architecture. In terms of aesthetics, the solutions are graphic and precise according to the material. Almost all of these creations have been shaped objects of straight surfaces.

Järvenpää’s Kotisiilo opens a new page about the possibilities of sheet metal engineering as the core of architectural expression. Common technical benefits of this type of solution are gauze, i.e. partial light transmission. The solutions can not only manage the energy load, but also provide protection from the gaze.

In the past, however, solutions of this type have not been aded into the building, mainly through the façade material. This is due to the fact that light perforated dampers and meshs do not offer possibilities in terms of load-bearing capacity.

In Järvenpää’s Kotisiilo solution, a new way of thinking is to utilize, a sturdy, but still breathable and thus lightweight mesh in the design of the building and at the same time as a fall and sight protection for the balconies. The result is a uniformly smooth and harmonious façade system. The arch elements manufactured and installed by Alupro fit into the whole so that the butt seams merge with the mesh expression. The vertical direction of the tower is not broken at the seams.

Smoothness and aesthetics

The seam is a difficult problem in architecture, another problem is the smoothness of the shape. The mesh elements manufactured and installed by Alupro are 100% accurate in shape. The manufacturing technology, together with the installation accuracy, guarantees a stylish expression for the overall shape.

The mesh façade gives a new look and protection from the sun

The mesh façade gives the architecture a new look. It protects from the sun and at the same time reduces the need for cooling energy. Networks are suitable for a wide range of objects, both as an effect and as a complete facade.

Most of the time, we use aluminum as the mesh material, which is lighter than steel and can withstand weather changes well. Aluminum is recyclable and maintenance-free. It is also easy to paint in the desired shade. Powder coating achieves a UV-protected, weather-resistant, long-lasting surface. Aluminum can also be painted with so-called anti-graffiti paint, which means that the removal of unwanted graffiti from facades is quick.

In addition to aluminum, the mesh facade can also be made of copper, brass and stainless and acid-resistant steel. Read more about our facade networks >>