Louver facade in Finnair HQ and parking hall

We built the large louver facade of Finnair corporation’s headquarters and parking hall, as well as the interior collision railings in the parking hall. The Finnair headquarters building and parking hall have a refreshing combination use of glass, aluminum and stainless steel.

The products used in the buildings were Alupro’s AluClik Louvers and PS-P Louvers. Our AluRail crash barrier system was used in the parking hall.

Louver facade by AluClik louvers

AluClik facade louver is a modular interlocking louver system. It can be assembled on site quickly, using modular components. High-quality fast-mounting installation system saves time and installation costs during construction.

Our facade louvers are popular due to their ease of use, and them being long-lasting and functional. Facade louvers are easily installed, fireproof and moisture-proof. Diverse color shades, different surface coatings and forms are available. We provide special solutions in accordance with the wishes of the architect.

AluClik louver facade is a popular choice for modern buildings, especially for shopping centers, office buildings and car parking facilities. Read more about AluClik Louvers >>

PS-P Louvers for facades

PS-P Louvers are used as elegant elements of a facade or interior design. The louvers can be used in facades, walls, floors and suspended ceilings. Louvers can be used also as sunshades. The variety of shapes and spacings makes PS-P Louver suitable for almost limitless applications.

The louvers provide functional and lightweight interior surfaces for various public spaces. Modern solutions make it possible to create impressive interior decorations. The louvers can also be used for upholsteries for less spectacular surfaces, such as hiding technology. Read more about PS-P Louvers >>

AluRail crash barrier for parking halls

AluRail crash barrier system is an excellent solution to protect against accidental impacts from vehicles and equipment such as cars, forklifts and material handling equipment. Alongside the safety benefits provided by our collision rails, our solution also supports the overall aesthetic design of buildings, providing a clean visually appealing alternative to concrete or galvanized steel Armco railings. Our product meets European standards and the entire system is model protected in Europe.

AluRail crash barrier provides clean-lined, attractive, and cost-effective protection for demanding locations. Strength, ease of mounting and cleaning, as well as a wide range of colors, are the qualities making AluRail crash barrier the natural choice. Read more about AluRail crash barrier >>

Custom Architectural Louvers

Alupro offers a wide range of architectural facade louvers. We specialize in custom architectural louvers, made in Finland with sustainable materials and unmatched attention to quality and service.

Louvers serve a critical need to allow air flow through openings in buildings while rejecting unwanted elements such as water and airborne debris. While the concept is simple, selecting the right product for the application is important to meeting performance needs.

Louvers can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of buildings by creating sight-proof screens to increase privacy, hide equipment or enclose parking facilities.

All of our louvers are available in a variety of anodized and painted finishes to meet design needs. A wide range of frames and accessories increase functionality and allow louvers to be installed into nearly any surrounding conditions.

Whatever the application, Alupro is committed to providing the highest quality products and custom design solutions with an exceptional level of service. Contact us today!