Louver cladding at Nokia Karaportti parking hall

Louver cladding was chosen as the parking hall facade solution in Nokia‘s Karaportti campus. The louver cladding was created by using our AluClik Louvers and PS-P Louvers.

Louver cladding by aluminum AluClik Louvers

AluClik louver is a popular choice for modern buildings, especially for shopping centers, office buildings and car parking facilities. The louvers are popular due to their ease of use, and them being long-lasting and functional. They are easily installed, fireproof and moisture-proof. Diverse color shades, different surface coatings and forms are available. We provide special solutions in accordance with the wishes of the architect.

AluClik facade louver is a modular interlocking louver system. It can be assembled on site quickly, using modular components. High-quality fast-mounting installation system saves time and installation costs during construction.

AluClik louver system includes more than ten different profile models as well as the required frames and and fasteners. In addition, the spacing can be selected steplessly. All AluClik louver profiles and frame options are fully compatible with each other and can be combined to create a visually stimulating texture on buildings according to the designer’s choices.

The variety of shapes and spacings makes AluClik louver suitable for almost limitless applications: facades, sun shades, fences, storm louvers, and architectural and decorative louvers.

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Louver cladding by PS-P Louvers

PS-P Louver creates impressive architectural facades and functional interior design elements. It adapts to many needs thanks to its customisability. It is custom-made in the desired shape and size.

The louvers provide functional and lightweight surfaces for various public spaces. Modern solutions make it possible to create impressive decorations. The louvers can also be used for upholsteries for less spectacular surfaces, such as hiding technology.

PS-P Louvers can be made of aluminum, brass, copper or acid-proof steel, precisely in the desired shape and size. Curved solutions can also be implemented. PS-P Louvers are provided with or without frames, depending on the needs of the application. With different shapes and spacings, the possibilities of utilization expand to very different implementations. Finishing is available in either powder coated color or anodized treatment.

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