Grille facade in residential building

Grille facade in Pajuniityntie residential building was created by using Alupro’s aluminum RR grilles.

Modern architectural grille facade

Architect has designed a modern symmetric grille facade which captures passerby’s gaze in Pajuniityntie 3-5, Helsinki. Architect’s confident use of architectural RR grilles for the facade hide the original crude concrete wall behind an elegant curtain.

RR grille is a highly adaptable product, offering a wide range of options for spacing, sizes and color. Grille can serve a dual purpose as a fascia and fencing product, allowing a continuous visual appearance while also preventing easy access to restricted areas and equipment.

Customized grille facade

RR grille is available in a variety of grid core sizes and heights, frames, materials and finishes, and can be customized to your needs and project standards. It is weld-lock constructed for maximum durability.

RR grille provides a modern and vibrant surface to the facade. Many square frames and slots give plenty of options for design. The grille is lightweight, but very durable, so it suits well for facade solutions for demanding applications. Grilles can be surface treated to the desired color.

RR grille can also be used as sun shade, and it prevents heat efficiently. Combinations of different squares create the desired shading.

RR grilles

Aluminum profiles are used as the main manufacturing material for RR grilles, but copper and brass can also be used. As a material, aluminum is an ecological solution because the life cycle of aluminum is long and it is completely recyclable. When calculating total costs including the cost of material, product refinement, surface treatment and maintenance, aluminum grilles are a cost-effective solution.

RR grilles are very durable in design, so they are a good solution for schools, stations and other public buildings. Read more about our architectural RR grilles >>

Design freedom

Thanks to a wide range of profiles and different frame and fixing options, grilles can be designed and implemented according to the requirements of the architect. It is worth inquiring about the implementation options and details already at the planning stage. Contact us!