Facade at Redi shopping centre

The new shopping centre called Redi opened in Kalasatama, in Helsinki, and the facades exude the surrounding sea and harbour. The facade at Redi utilised many of our products, such as ACE louvers, PS-P louvers, Architectural RR Grilles, Wing Louvers, AluRail crash barriers, as well as Suspended Ceiling Tiles.

Innovative facade at Redi

The project manager Heikki Raumanni talks of the innovations behind the facade, ”We developed new products for Redi and two completely new framing systems for overlapping surfaces, coined the AluLimi and AluLimi Lite.”

Glass AluLimi surfaces

Glass surfaces can be achieved using our AluLimi system, and with the option for them to be lined with any other material. The panels attached to the AluLimi profiles can range between 6 – 10 mm in width. Our system enables the use of a wide array of materials such as glass, copper, stone, sun shade panels, or composite materials, making AluLimi stand out from other alternatives on the market.

Aluminium AluLimi Lite surfaces

For Redi’s curved bridges, we developed the AluLimi Lite system which lines the surface with sheet metal, allowing the width of the material used range between 0.6 – 5 mm. This enables installation on curved surfaces.

Cor-Ten tiles, louvers, corrugated galvanised steel, and U-beams

Cor-Ten steel surfaces are captivating in their rugged beauty, but proven to be challenging to work with as it requires that the weld-points weather at the same rate as other materials. We made sure that the Cor-Ten tiles, louvers, corrugated galvanised steel, and U-beams did not come into contact with other materials used in Redi with the use of plastic washers and EPDM tape. Underneath the facades are our aluminium frame profiles.

Copper cassettes, louvers, and roll formed wall

Part of the facade at Redi is covered in copper elements, visible throughout the shopping centre. The copper elements are visible, for example, on the main entrance, which uses perforated copper cassettes, and on the east wing’s curved stairs, which are lined with roll-formed copper cassettes and copper louvers.

Copper is a common material at Alupro. The perforated copper cassettes were a new design and required the development of new production methods and tests to ensure the high quality of the product. During the design, we considered the seamless continuity of the pattern throughout the facade, to match the vision of the architect. We also considered how to minimise risks and make installation painless.

Light Art Väre

Lighting Design Collective (LDC) specialises in customised architectural lighting solutions and designed a light art piece called ’Väre’ for Redi. We manufactured the parts for the piece. It is made of approximately 2000 kevlar ropes, which are lit from lights embedded to the floor. The ropes create a visually stunning lounge space. For the realisation of the light art, we made the suspended ceiling of the tower, ensuring that the stress of the ropes was not too much for the ceiling. The ropes were individually fastened to the ceiling and the concrete floor.

Revit models make designing easier

To us, Redi was a challenging yet rewarding experience. We want to make it easier for other architects and engineers to design similar building projects and constructions by publishing our Revit models. They include designs, technical drawings, and information about our products. The models can help architects, construction designers, and building service engineers. The models are parametric. You can download Revit models from our website.

Shopping Centre Redi

Redi is one of Finland’s largest shopping centres. After opening it was visited by 12 million people during its first year of business. It is located at the crossroads of two main roads, Itäväylä and Lahdenväylä, and is also close to an underground station. Within 15 minutes drive of Redi there are approximately 500,000 people, and within 30 minutes drive is another 1.1 million people.