Copper louvers at Suvela chapel

Copper louvers and copper mesh in Suvela chapel, Espoo, are created by Alupro.

Copper louvers on the facade

The external surfaces of Suvela chapel have been masked by our PS-P louvers to hide building technology systems and windows which would detract from the aesthetic qualities of the building design.

The aim of the architect of Suvela chapel was to have one material in the building surface and hence copper was selected as the material. Copper life cycle is long and it is fully recyclable. The load-bearing structures of the chapel are wood and concrete. The exterior of the building roof and wall coating is a copper plate.

Copper structures patinate with dignity

“Alupro installed the copper louvers on the facade of the chapel, which were installed in front of the first floor windows,” says Project Manager Heikki Raumanni from Alupro Oy. Copper louvers were made as PS-P type.

In the upper parts of the house, Alupro’s copper mesh was used to harmonize the facade’s appearance. Copper meshes were used for example in the air vents.

“In the inner courtyard, the architect designed window louvers, which, from a certain point of view, look united on the surface – but actually allow natural light to enter the chapel. This was the vision of the architect. The end result is a good reflection of the quality that Alupro is proud of”, Raumanni says.

A valuable and traditional copper surface is well suited to the church building. The selected copper type is unpatinated natural copper. It looks initially glossy, but over time it patinates darker, almost black.

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About Suvela chapel

The Suvela chapel is used jointly by the Espoo Parish Union, the Swedish Parish of Espoo and the City of Espoo to serve the entire community of Suvela. It is a multifunctional building that offers a space for the people of the community to use together for their many different needs regardless of their religious affiliation.

In the design for the Suvela Chapel and the adjacent community park, the goal was to create a building that offers opportunities for a rich variety of activities and provides a framework for the residents to come together in a flexibly adaptable and functional space. Read more about Suvela chapel in ArchDaily >>