Copper facade at Espoo “Urheilupuiston” station

The copper facade decorates the Urheilupuisto metro station in Espoo. The façade of the station is special in many ways. The façade features among other things, three types of pre-patinated copper plates that were hung on the base structure of the wall in a seemingly random order. The installation work required skill and experience.

Copper facade in many shapes

“The most challenging part of managing this project was the station’s diversity combined with the multi-storey façade,” says Vesa Samela, CEO of Alupro Oy, which is responsible for the station’s façade installation.

Project manager Mika Salonen states that before installing the copper plates, the floor structures of the double façade had to be implemented in the hall. “On the low concrete part, we set off from the concrete surface of the wall. We did the thermal frame, flashing, wind protection plates and horizontal forming. Then came the corrugated sheet metal, the Cembrit board and the actual façade on top of it: a high z-frame, for which we still made a punched aluminum perforated sheet metal cassette. The façade of the concrete part is like this”, Salonen explains.

The structure of the flag hall facade is similar except for the z-frame and cassette. Even before this, double facade structures had to be built, which were welded through the structure to the steel frame.

“One kilometer of 4 mm thick wire was added to the facade, which was tensioned crosswise with various wire fasteners. This wire grid hung up to 10,000 Kg of copper plates, or one thousand pieces of , or one thousand pieces of about half a square meter disks. ”

The reticulated façade reduces heat radiation

Alupro Oy will install the facade structures in a turnkey project. “This installation job was quite challenging. Among other things, thousands of holes had to be drilled in the façade structures”, Salonen estimates.

CEO Samela reminds that Alupro already has a lot of experience in implementing various mesh facades. Such have been built, for example at UPM’s head office in Helsinki, Finnair’s HOTT office building in Vantaa, the Savonlinna library building and Expert chain for home appliance stores. “The mesh facade reduces the effect of solar thermal radiation in summer. This corresponds to a cooling capacity of about 1-2 ° C. ”

“The patinated copper surface of the facade panels is also very strong. It lasts almost forever unless the surface is punctured”, says Samela.

In total, about 450 square meters of copper plate surface was installed on the facades of the “Urheilupuiston” station.

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