Cassette facade in Töölönlahti parking

Cassette facade freshens the walls in Töölönlahti underground parking facility called P-Finlandia. Our cassettes provide visual experiences for hallways and corridors. They provide a vibrant surface on the facade.

Architectural cassette facade

Tailored cassettes provide plenty of options for design. The cassette is lightweight, but very durable in design, so it is also well suited for facade solutions for demanding applications. The cassettes are custom made and can be treated with the desired color.

Facade cassettes

Alupro facade cassettes offer an aesthetic solution for demanding wall cladding of hall structures, office building as well as public buildings. Combined with other types of wall cladding systems, the facade wall cassettes can provide even more exclusive appearance for the building.

The external wall cassette system looks like sharp horizontal and vertical lines on the wall facade, in square or rectangular shape, thus providing aesthetic and elegant look.

Architectural design freedom

Create your cassette facade in complete freedom with multiple shapes, coatings and surface qualities of metal. The cladding can be custom-made to any shape adapted to the architectural concept.

Freedom of metallic matters

Personalize your solution with a large grade of materials: aluminum, stainless steel or copper in the wealth of colors. Particular perforations allow to reinforce the originality of a facade as well as filtering the light.

Facade cassettes enable using various materials, colors and sizes to establish a diverse facade. It is possible to create systems by choosing different cassette sizes, different joint sizes and cassette depths.

The measurements and solutions for cassettes are made in accordance with requests made depending on a certain project.

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Aluminum facades and meshes with a seamless finish

We in Alupro want to be part of the process of creating the best possible environment, which both delights and sustains. Our senses are continuously impacted by our surroundings.
We aspire to fulfill even the most challenging visions and find solutions to problematic scenarios. Where someone might see a problem, we see an opportunity for innovation. We pay great attention to detail in both the plans of the architects and engineers.

Our proprietary machines and automated lines are mostly created by us and produce world class aluminum structures. Aluminum and stainless steel are chosen and vastly used for their recyclability and resilient nature. Our factory is in Tuusula, a short drive away from Helsinki airport. Though our output is extensive, the feeling inside is that of a small workshop. We equally appreciate both the efforts of our engineers and manual workers. The combined efforts create a visually pleasing, seamless and functional finish which mesmerizes us as much as it does our customers.

Shall we work together to create something that will make us proud for a lifetime?