Beauty down to the smallest detail – As Oy Rantatähdyke and Laurinranta

Rantatähdyke and Laurinranta is a carefully polished small apartment complex located on the scenic seashore in Espoo- Souka. Alupro Oy has supplied aluminum moldings based on film coating technology installed in balcony zones.

As Oy Rantatähdyke and Laurinranta is a dense and suitable small apartment building complex, where everything is interconnected with the background of a natural seascape. The architectural firm HMV is responsible for the design. The main contractor is Hartela Oy.

The white small apartment buildings blends beautifully into the landscape. The aim of the design has been to create an architectural ensemble that follows both the cityscape of the street and the marine natural landscape. Most of the apartments have sea views of the Sea.

Wood-patterned aluminum strips on the balconies complete the look

Project manager Antti Keinänen from Alupro Oy describes the project as special for many different reasons: “We designed and delivered aluminum profile strips bordering the glass surfaces of 54 balconies. They are 600 running meters as individual strips, girthed as smooth surfaces in the mounts, mounted on two sides around building corners. In the installation, we used c-aluminum profiles designed and manufactured for this purpose. ”

Keinänen says, that the aluminum is powder-coated and coated with an oak pattern film in subcontracting. The final machining, miter sawing and oval drilling have been carried out at the Alupro production department . The design of structural details, quantity calculation and work planning are entirely the handiwork of Alupro. Antti Keinänen, the project manager, did these tasks.

Critical factors in the project were installation accuracy and thermal motion control. 3D design had its own role in terms of buildability. The 3D design method is excellent in terms of dimensioning and structure perception.

Keinänen says: “The profiles were installed in the glass balcony corners. The visible part of the corner joint is chamfered. The profile is only 2 mm thick, so not the slightest error was allowed. It would appear immediately. Aluminum change with temperature changes and has been taken into account seam widths and geometry of screw fastenings. The mounting screws are also painted, so they blend well with the oak theme. ”

Aesthetic harmony

Rarely in such a delimited milieu is there a nuanced milieu in which a human handprint, such as Alupro’s profile installation work and the expression of natural beauty, work aesthetically in harmony.

Alupro is known for its design and installation accuracy. This is evidenced by several dozen different sites in both public and private sector projects. Some of them are patterned panel installations, some are three-dimensional surface structure installations. In some projects, such as As Oy Rantatähdyke and Laurinranta, this is a surface installation requiring mill accuracy, which results in a building technology function and architectural expression in the delimitation of large balcony glass areas.