Art and precise installation at the Tikkurila station underpass

Underground routes are visually challenging in urban landscape since they combine different areas of use and ambience. The Tikkurila station underpass in Vantaa, Finland is a good example of such a space. The aged tunnel got a new look by Alupro.

Teo Karpen, who has been responsible for the project and installation, characterizes the project as very demanding in terms of mounting accuracy.

“We at Alupro have made a number of tailor-made solutions for this project. An example of this is the fastening technique for stairwells’ railings leading to platforms. The expression of architecture is strictly clean, and the railings look like they are floating in front of the expamet mesh. The brackets are behind the mesh, which looks good, but it’s challenging for installation”, he says.

Prompt execution in a challenging place

Tikkurila’s train station area is a new condensed urban structure in Vantaa. On the west side of the track is the office and business center Dixi as well as the railway station that serve thousands of people every day. The condensed city block opens to a park-like town landscape on the east side of the track. The underpass links these two urban milieu with each other and serves as the way to public transport services.

Previously, the underpass’s bearing structure of reinforced concrete was also its facade. Concrete has its own aesthetic appearance, but the crude surface combined with insufficient lighting was not this day. Lahdelma & Mahlamäki architectural office created a new look that Alupro carried out.

Artwork on the tunnel wall

Artists Helena Hietanen and Jaakko Niemelä have designed an artwork comprising of an old historical map of the region from year 1708 on the south wall of the underpass. The work of art was produced by Alupro. It is made by perforating aluminum so that, from a distance, it forms a map. The backlit work covers the whole length of the tunnel, and there is no room for fluctuations in its installation.

“The artwork consists of a wealth of 2000 panels, each with a different perforated pattern. The pattern continues through the whole tunnel and is also visible on the ceiling panels. Panel fastening is tailored for this purpose”, Karpen says.

The precision of the pattern and the installation is perfect. The panel wall is straight measured from all directions and forms a complete map throughout the length of the tunnel. On the background of the panels is the adjustable fastening frame designed by Alupro.

However, the artwork was not the most challenging part of the work. Karpen ponders: “The biggest challenge for installation and manufacturing was the line of downlights. The line goes through the tunnel and it must be straight. Everything has been done in precision.”

Flawless installation from Alupro

Alupro has shown in many projects that only flawless installation is the right way to install. This is evidenced by the Tikkurila station underpass, along with many other major landmarks and architectural projects in Finland, where aluminum and other metal products in Alupro’s skilled hands form the expression of art.