Architectural facade at UPM headquarters

The architectural facade of UPM’s head office Biofore House is Alupro’s masterpiece. Twisted sunscreens made of steel mesh represent ecology and advanced energy savings.

In the recent years, we have focused on making demanding architectural projects, and this visually stunning UPM head office’s acid-resistant steel mesh facade is one of them. Not only does the mesh look outstanding, but it also serves a function as it provides protection from the sun by blocking the heat and bright light. The design helps to reduce the cost of cooling.

Architectural facade with style and functionality

In the headquarters of UPM at Töölönlahti, Helsinki, the facade mesh has been used to such a large extent for the first time in Finland. Architectural office Helin & Co has designed and Alupro has implemented the architectural facade with sun screen mesh and facade louvers to give this monumental building an impressive appearance and style.

The large facades on both sides of the building are based on the innovation of the Helin & Co Architects, while the implementation and installation was Alupro’s complete delivery.

“There are a total of 42 meshes made of thin, acid-proof yarns on the facade of the building,” says Alupro’s Project Manager Mika Salonen. “The support structures of these individually curved shapes are made of aluminum. Aluminum is extremely resistant to weathering and lighter than steel.”

Architectural facade in cooperation with architects

“Plans were made in cooperation with architects,” adds Heikki Raumanni, Project Director at Alupro. “With meshes, the transparency of the large glass surfaces is preserved, but at the same time it is possible to save in the building’s cooling costs. Energy savings are significant in such a large glass-containing building.”

In addition to large, approximately 15 meters high sun protection meshes, aluminum facade louvers are used in the building, for example on the surface of a curved air chamber. In addition, Alupro has delivered smoke-removal louvers, ventilation louvers on the roof and the structures of the light work of art inside.

UPM’s new head office Biofore House was completed in Helsinki at the end of 2013. The building is considered one of the most successful new buildings in the center of Helsinki.

We are a global supplier of facades

“In the recent years, Alupro has delivered a lot of supplies and facade cladding systems to major construction sites in Helsinki City Center, including The Music House, the various stages of renovation of the Parliament House and KPMG’s new headquarters. We have expanded to be a complete supplier of facade systems”, Raumanni sums up. “We handle design, implementation and installation, and we work with architects.”

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