Aluminum surfaces at Koivusaari metro station

Aluminum surfaces at Koivusaari metro station were created by us. Our aluminum RR grilles and PS-P louvers were used for the planar surfaces of Koivusaari metro station in Espoo, Finland.

Koivusaari metro station is one of the new stations of the new metro line from Helsinki to Espoo. The Helsinki metro network will be extended towards the west with altogether 13 new stations. Koivusaari is the only under sea metro station in the world, and has been called the world’s most beautiful metro station.  The walls of the building are all glass and you can see the Baltic Sea outside.

Koivusaari metro station is constructed 30 meters below sea level. Underground construction as well as requirements set by water pressure increased the challenge posed by the construction project. For example, the elevator is exceptionally at a 45-degree angle, and Finland’s longest, 70-meter, escalators are at a 30-degree angle.

The metro station will serve both western Lauttasaari and a new residential area planned for Koivusaari consisting of around 4,000 inhabitants and 2,000 jobs. The planned service life of nearly all the structures is one hundred years. The theme of the station is the sea. This is evident in the roof, which resembles the shape of an overturned boat, and in the wall and ceiling facade at the platform, which is shaped like the baleen of a whale.

Spectacular aluminum surfaces by us

Aluminum surfaces at the station were created by using our Architectural RR Grilles and RR Ceiling Grilles as well as PS-P Louvers and our PS-P Ceiling Louvers.

Alupro – Making architectural vision a reality

We in Alupro want to be part of the process of creating the best possible environment, which both delights and sustains. Our senses are continuously impacted by our surroundings.
We aspire to fulfill even the most challenging visions and find solutions to problematic scenarios. Where someone might see a problem, we see an opportunity for innovation. We pay great attention to detail in both the plans of the architects and engineers.

Our proprietary machines and automated lines are mostly created by us and produce world class aluminum structures. Aluminum and stainless steel are chosen and vastly used for their recyclability and resilient nature. Our factory is in Tuusula, a short drive away from Helsinki airport. Though our output is extensive, the feeling inside is that of a small workshop. We equally appreciate both the efforts of our engineers and manual workers. The combined efforts create a visually pleasing, seamless and functional finish which mesmerizes us as much as it does our customers.

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