Louvers as part of home architecture

Aluminum louvers are an attractive choice for private homes. They endure and hold their shape. They are maintenance-free and provide the property with structural and architectural values. The maintenance freedom of aluminum louvers releases the homemaker’s resources for relaxation.

Lasting beauty of aluminum louvers

“Aluminum is not only a fully recyclable material, but also maintenance-free. Powder-painted surface will last the test of time and it does not need to be painted or oiled. The choice of colors is limited only by imagination. A blue tinted grey, that fits all the seasons, was the choice of color in this home,” says Vesa Samela, Managing Director of Alupro.

The powder-coated aluminum structure is ideal for modern architecture. Along with ease of installation, sustainable development and quality requirements, the choice is optimal.

“Various types of aluminum louvers and grilles ensure fast installation and the installation quality is always professional. The joints have been carefully designed so that the angles are angular and straight lines are straight. Seams are minimal, ” sums up Samela.

The profile sizes and colors of the louvers are freely selectable by the customer. This is the key when designing, for example, a vertical pergola entrance or a summer terrace with fence railing. The role of the louver at the entrance is about protection, and on the terrace, it is about defining the space and screening the view.

Aluminum is a perfect fit also in the building of private homes.

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Making architectural vision a reality

We in Alupro want to be part of the process of creating the best possible environment, which both delights and sustains. Our senses are continuously impacted by our surroundings. We aspire to fulfill even the most challenging visions and find solutions to problematic scenarios. Where someone might see a problem, we see an opportunity for innovation. We pay great attention to detail in both the plans of the architects and engineers.

Our proprietary machines and automated lines are mostly created by us and produce world class aluminum structures. Aluminum and stainless steel are chosen and vastly used for their recyclability and resilient nature. Our factory is in Tuusula, a short drive away from Helsinki airport. Though our output is extensive, the feeling inside is that of a small workshop. We equally appreciate both the efforts of our engineers and manual workers. The combined efforts create a visually pleasing, seamless and functional finish which mesmerizes us as much as it does our customers.

Shall we work together to create something that will make us proud for a lifetime?