Aluminum facade in an office building

Outstanding AluClik 4 (120×90) aluminum facade in an office building on Paneriu 38 street in Lithuania, installed by Alupro`s Baltic co-operator Exterus/Andres Saks.

Aluminum facade louvers

Our AluClik facade louver is a modular interlocking louver system. It can be assembled on site quickly, using modular components. High-quality fast-mounting installation system saves time and installation costs during construction.

Our facade louvers are popular due to their ease of use, and them being long-lasting and functional. Facade louvers are easily installed, fireproof and moisture-proof. Diverse color shades, different surface coatings and forms are available. We provide special solutions in accordance with the wishes of the architect.

Facade louver for modern buildings

An impressive facade is an eye-catcher. A combination of different louver types and spacings allow for the creation of visually stimulating facade textures. AluClik louver is a popular choice for modern buildings, especially for shopping centers, office buildings and car parking facilities.

We usually use aluminum as the material, since it is lighter than steel and very resistant to weathering. Aluminum as a material is recyclable and maintenance free and it is easy to paint in the desired tone. We offer an extensive range of colors in highly durable weather resistant powder coating. Powder coating provides an UV-protected, long-lasting surface. The colors can be selected from the RAL color chart. In addition, aluminum structures can be painted with so-called washable paint to remove graffiti from the facade quickly.

Extensive range of profiles

AluClik louver system includes more than ten different profile models as well as the required frames and and fasteners. In addition, the spacing can be selected steplessly. All AluClik louver profiles and frame options are fully compatible with each other and can be combined to create a visually stimulating texture on buildings according to the designer’s choices.

The variety of shapes and spacings makes AluClik louver suitable for almost limitless applications: facades, sun shades, fences, storm louvers, and architectural and decorative louvers.

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Alupro facades

Alupro is an expert in facade solutions, facade louvers, technical louvers and barrier rails. We create spectacular architecture with supreme technical functionality. Our solutions provide safety which complies with all official requirements. The products are delivered and installed in the right place at the right time.

Our extensive, bespoke facade louver solutions suit a broad range of applications. The products are mass customisable, and based on extensive experience, innovative solutions and serial production. In addition, long service life and use of recyclable materials make Alupro solutions an environmentally-friendly choice.