WS Droplet Separator

WS Droplet Separator is designed for efficient droplet separation in substantial face velocities and air flow. It is primarily meant for buildings’ air inlets, ships, data centres, power plants, and pulp or paper mills.

The separator is made either to be installed on top of, or embedded into a surface, or installed inside a ventilation duct. They can be equipped with hinges to enable opening of the separators for maintenance. The separated water is directed either to sewers or back outside.

Optionally, a small animal fence, a desired filter, a masking grille, a damper, weather-resistant casing, heating, and hinges can be added.

Our droplet separator is tested in accordance with standard EN 13030:2001/1 in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

WS Droplet Separator sizing

The separators are made to order. Usually, we use a vent’s length and height as the basis for sizing.

The maximum size of WS Droplet Separator is 2200 mm x 2900 mm / 2900 mm x 2200 mm. Larger sizes are made of units.

Materials and surface finish

For the WS Droplet Separator, we mainly use aluminium or acid-proof stainless steel. Aluminium demisters are powder coated in a colour chosen from the RAL colour chart. HST steel demisters are surface finished by pickling. For functionality, the demister does not need to be surface finished, but doing so ensures the uniformity of the whole facade.

Optional components of WS Droplet Separator:

  • Small animal fence
  • Filter
  • Masking grille
  • Damper
  • Weather-resistant casing
  • Heating
  • Hinges

Marine droplet separator

Our WS Droplet Separator removes excess moisture from the air ventilators. In passenger ships, ventilation must be up to changing the air in alternating room volumes efficiently.

In marine or offshore industry, for example in oil platforms, droplet separators are necessary to keep the cooling air in machines and generators from dampening. The air used by generators in all marine vessels needs to be kept dry to create a functioning operational environment. Our droplet separators can be fashioned to fit the appearance of any vessel. Contact us for more information!