Marine Louvers

We have developed, tested and manufactured marine louver solutions for some of the world’s leading HVAC systems suppliers and producers. Air inlets and outlets in cruise ships, as well as the marine and offshore industry, need ventilation solutions to keep excessive moisture away.

Horizontal marine louvers are simpler in design and structure than the droplet, snow, and sand separators, and thus it is well-suited to be installed in air outlets or in front of filters as a shield. The louvers are made either to be installed on top of, or embedded into a surface.

They can be equipped with hinges to enable opening of the louvers for maintenance. Optionally, a small animal fence, a desired filter, a damper, as well as weather-resistant casing can be added.

Marine Louvers made to order

Our different kinds of marine louvers are made to order. We use varied extruded aluminium profiles, and by using different shapes, spacings, and colours a personalised finish can be achieved. Colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL colour chart.

Optional components

Optional components of marine louvers:

  • Small animal fence
  • Hinges
  • Filter
  • Damper
  • Weather-resistant casing

Technical louvers from us

We manufacture various technical louver solutions for ventilation in buildings, industries, and ships. They are made to order according to the requirements of the customer. We have designed efficient droplet, snow, and sand separators for different face velocities and air volumes. All our technical louvers have been tested in accordance with EN 13030: 2001/1 standard.

Our technical louvers can be used to create entire facades or installed in ventilation ducts and chambers. Louvers are also manufactured for curved surfaces and as cylindrical assemblies. Please contact us for more information.

Reliable cooperation

Our experts have long-standing experience with designing, manufacturing, finishing, and installing unique aluminium construction solutions. Our own factory and powder coating line being in the same building ensures that production is uninterrupted and under our supervision. The finished product is always a high-quality solution that meets all the expectations of the client. Delivery will be handled according to agreed conditions and schedules, with room for flexibility.