Our first class demisters  are designed to provide more efficient ventilantion in extreme conditions, compared to our traditional architectural louvers.

In our more advanced and specialised louvers, the design is based on a vertical maze-like interior build. This structure efficiently separates droplets, snow, and sand from the air, and leads them outwards and away from the facade, while allowing air to pass through.




WSX Droplet Separator High Performance

WSX Droplet Separator High Performance represents the next generation of technical louvers. It offers high water separation performance while keeping pressure loss low even at high flow rates. We have developed, tested and manufactured droplet…

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Marine Louvers

We have developed, tested and manufactured marine louver solutions for some of the world’s leading HVAC systems suppliers and producers. Air inlets and outlets in cruise ships, as well as the marine and offshore industry,…

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Our Desander is a technical louver designed to separate sand, dust, and stones from incoming air. Air inlets and outlets in buildings, as well as marine and offshore industry, need to be shielded from elements…

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Tailored droplet separators

As each project has its unique set of requirements, especially those in relation to the climate, Alupro cuts no corners as we tailor one-of-a-kind solutions for every project. Be it in shape of a triangle, a rectangle, a cylinder, or even a circle, we will deliver.

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