AluClik Storm Louver

AluClik Storm Louver provides a striking and effective weather protection barrier for air inlets. It prevents water and snow from entering the building.

AluClik Storm Louvers are suitable for ventilated facades and a wide range of applications where a climate shield is necessary. The louver can be installed on virtually any article, which requires the prevention of water, snow, and trash from passing through. They are also an architectural element becoming of any facade.

Storm Louver applications

Our storm louvers are made to order according to the requirements and dimensions of the destination. Surface finish is done to meet the requirements of the architect.

AluClik Storm Louver is made either to be installed on top of, embedded into, or projecting from a surface. Curved solutions can also be made for the protection of machines located on top of roofing.

The louvers are suitable for any applications which require the prevention of water, snow, and trash from passing through. The louvers are suited for ventilated facades, air holes, engine rooms, cold stores, and garbage shelters. Optionally, the louver can be equipped with a mesh fencing.

Optimized structure

AluClik Storm Louver’s structure is founded on a design that does not clog or become blocked, ensuring efficient separation of both water and snow. Thanks to its optimized structure, water, snow, slush, and trash freely flow out of the louver. AluClik Storm Louver is a vertical outdoor louver that is suited for all year round demand.

Storm Louver – first class materials

Our storm louvers are made from light and corrosion resistant aluminium. They are surface finished to a desired colour. Powder coating ensures a UV-protected, weather resistant, and long-lasting surface. Colour can be chosen from the extensive RAL colour chart. In addition, the louvers can be treated with an anti-graffiti coating.

Quick installation

AluClik Storm Louver is a form-locked modular louver that is assembled at the installation site. This allows for the products to be installed on larger surfaces seamlessly. The louver system has more than ten different profile models. All our louvers parts are prefabricated and thus can be easily installed on-site. Our installation engineering is standardised, making the installation quick and reliable.

Storm Louver – proven to be effective

AluClik Storm Louver is meticulously crafted and tested solution. It is compliant with the European EN 13030 standard for performance.

Various options for colour and profile type

AluClik louver system includes more than ten different profile models as well as frames and fasteners. Spacing is also fully variable. All AluClik louver profiles and frames are fully compatible with each other and can be combined using different colours to create visually stimulating facades and textures.

Other benefits

AluClik Storm Louver combines function and aesthetics. In addition to its separation capacities, it can lift the appearance of any facade. Separate ventilation louvers are not necessary if storm louver is installed. The storm louver also lessens the burden of filters and HVAC systems.

The design, production, and installation of AluClik louvers encompass a cohesive operating sequence, based on our expansive experience with creating unique solutions. The finished product is always a high-quality solution which meets all requirements.


Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add AluClik Storm Louvers to your project within seconds.

Revit models