AluRail crash barrier

AluRail crash barrier is a safety solution for demanding conditions. The aluminium crash barriers installed in parking halls soften the impact in possible traffic accidents. Besides AluRail’s safety features, our crash barrier is also a sleek design element that adds to the appeal of a building.

AluRail crash barrier is euro norm-compliant and our whole crash barrier system is trade dressed in Europe. The barriers can be surface finished to a desired colour from the extensive RAL colour chart. The barrier offers a sleek and cost-efficient safety solution to demanding sites. AluRail crash barrier is an excellent choice due to its durability, ease of installation, low-maintenance, and a large variety of colour choices.

Euro norm-compliant crash barrier

The sturdy construction of AluRail crash barrier conforms to the requirements governing car protection, parking, and yard levels in Eurocode 1 (SFS-EN 1991-1-7). Despite its strength, the appearance of the barrier profile is slim and symmetrical, thus allowing it to be installed in most spaces.


AluRail crash barrier is primarily designed to protect structures in parking halls from vehicular impacts. However, it is also recommended to be used as a protection for glass structures, as space dividers, or for traffic channeling, due to its sleek symmetrical design.

Life cycle costs

With the exception of cleaning, AluRail crash barrier is a maintenance-free product. The shape of the railing profile and its surface treatment, as well as painted support legs, facilitate cleaning using ordinary detergents and methods. Aluminium is very resistant to corrosion, and powder coated, or anodised railing profile is proven to be extremely long-lasting. Even the barrier’s hot galvanised steel legs are durable and resilient.

AluRail crash barrier is a truly economical solution when the long life, low-maintenance, and ease of cleaning are taken into account. At the end of the life cycle, all the materials used can be recycled.

Dimensioning guidelines

The largest recommended support spacing for the AluRail crash barrier is 3000 mm; the maximum length of the barrier profile depends on the surface treatment: powder coated 7000 mm, anodised 7800 mm and untreated 9000 mm. Necessary joints and corners are made with inner tube connections. The maximum distance from a joint to a support leg is 500 mm.

Ease of installation

If required, the barrier can also be installed between columns and other structures. In such instance, inner tube connections can also be attached to the end of the profile. The barrier profile and support leg are easily joined using bolt connections without extra tools. Optionally, barrier profiles can be cut and modified on-site as there is no physical need for additional protection from corrosion when aluminium is used. Contact us!


Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add AluRail crash barriers to your project within seconds.

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