AluFix EVO

AluFix EVO is a reliable temporary safety railing for roofs and part of our fall protection systems. It is designed for continuous relocation. It has a sturdy and lightweight structure which can be swiftly assembled.

AluFix EVO can be used on any roof, with or without parapets, with up to 10-degree incline. The system consists of securely locking clamp mechanisms which can be locked without the use of tools. It is equipped with counterweights, making working at elevated heights safe.

Safety railing made of durable aluminium

AluFix EVO ensures the safety of working at elevated heights. It can be used on roofs with up to 10-degree incline. It has been independently tested and certified to meet the relevant EN 13374-A standard. The safety system is made of durable aluminium elements. These include the support legs, railing elements, and locking clamp mechanisms, which enable the assembly to be tool-less.

Adaptable corner angles

AluFix EVO allows for corner angles can be between 0-180 degrees, making our system highly adaptable, and ensuring a comfortable level of protection for workers as well as an unobstructed environment.

Delivered in compact transport rack

AluFix EVO is delivered in a compact transport racks, for easy transport and positioning onsite. One transport rack can contain up to 36,4 m or 50 m of safety railings with all necessary elements required for assembly. AluFix EVO can also be equipped with an optionally integrated kickboard system for transport purposes.

Award-winning design

AluFix EVO safety railing has received the prestigious Red Dot Award 2018. It is the first Finnish design to have received the award in the Product Design category for safety products. Red Dot was established in 1995, and it is one of the most well-known design competitions. The judges stress the importance of the innovation, functionality, quality, practicality, and durability. Over 6300 products, from 59 different countries, were entered into the 2018 competition.

Assembly of AluFix EVO


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