AluFix Classic

AluFix Classic safety railing is a permanent or temporary counterweight railing. It ensures the safety of laborers working at elevated heights. Our durable and lightweight safety railing is quick and easy to install on both flat and inclined surfaces, at a maximum of a 10-degree angle.

AluFix Classic safety railing – safety and practicality

In the design of AluFix Classic, besides safety, we have also considered practicality. The railings will remain firmly in place without damaging the surface of the roof using our unique protected footing and steel counterweights. They are easy to install and equally easy to take down and transport, or store away, using our compact transport racks. The loading and unloading of the parts are effortless, so moving the safety railing to the next location is painless. The installation requires zero tools.

Our patented AluFix Classic safety railing is comply with the EN 13374-A safety standard. Contact us for more information!

AluFix Classic safety railing assembly