Safety Railings

Our Safety Railings and fall protection systems for roofs are as follow; AluFix Classic, AluFix EVO.

We also make AluRail crash barriers as a safety solution for demanding sites. Besides AluRail’s safety features, our crash barrier is also a sleek design element that adds to the appeal of a building.


Safety Railings for roofs

AluFix Classic

AluFix Classic safety railing is a permanent or temporary counterweight railing. It ensures the safety of laborers working at elevated heights. Our durable and lightweight safety railing is quick and easy to install on both…

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AluFix EVO

AluFix EVO is a reliable temporary safety railing for roofs and part of our fall protection systems. It is designed for continuous relocation. It has a sturdy and lightweight structure which can be swiftly assembled.…

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AluRail crash barrier

AluRail crash barrier is a safety solution for demanding conditions. The aluminium crash barriers installed in parking halls soften the impact in possible traffic accidents. Besides AluRail’s safety features, our crash barrier is also a…

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Revit models

Here you will find Revit models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add Safety Railings to your project within seconds.

Revit models