Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are very well suited for indoor ceilings in public spaces. A tile ceiling is a smooth and seamless surface, perfect for a more subdued look.

Ceiling tiles according to your wishes

Ceiling tiles are custom-made and installed in suspended ceilings according to the customer’s dimensions.  The sizes and possible perforations of the panels are agreed with the customer on a project-by-project basis.

Ceiling tiles are ideal for suspended ceilings as well as vertical walls. Our expert team will be happy to help with the design of ceiling tiles, provide an estimate of cost, and the final installation. Contact us for more information!

Metallic ceiling solutions

Metallic ceiling is a very suitable option for most environments. Our ceiling tiles are non-flammable, weather-resistant and require little to no maintenance once installed. They are an ecological choice as they last for a long time and can be recycled.

Smart Ceiling Louvers allow for varying suspended ceiling facades to both indoors and outdoors according to the client’s wishes. A combination of different louver types, spacings and colours allow for the creation of visually stimulating facade textures. The louvers are manufactured to the desired shape and length, and even curved solutions are possible. The louvers can be made of aluminium, brass, copper or stainless steel. With the use of different shapes and spacings, creative solutions can be found for even the most challenging of spaces.

Ceiling Grille creates a lively, interesting visual appearance to suspended ceilings. Ceiling Grille is a highly adaptable product, offering a wide range of options for spacing, sizes and colour. The ceiling grille can be installed either indoors or outdoors and is also suitable for architecturally detailed parts of a building. Its weld-lock construction is designed for maximum durability and therefore can be installed to locations with demanding conditions.

Reliable teamwork

Our team at Alupro have long-standing experience working with individual aluminium building solutions in designing, surface finishing, and installation. Smooth production and high-quality products are guaranteed by our factory and powder paint shop being in the same building and under our management. Be it a big or small project, the finished product will surely please our client as everything is made to order. Delivery will always be handled according to agreed conditions and schedules, with room for flexibility.