Ceiling Grille

Ceiling Grille creates a lively, interesting visual appearance to suspended ceilings. It an airy and non-flammable solution. Different grid core sizes and spacings give numerous options to designing.

The grilles are manufactured for public buildings as well as architecturally challenging sites.

Custom-Made Ceiling Grilles

All Alupro solutions are specially manufactured for each project taking into account the site’s individual requirements.

Ceiling Grilles can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Its weld-lock construction is designed for maximum durability and therefore can be installed to locations with demanding conditions. It’s suited for use in offices and industrial buildings as well as other public spaces like stations, schools and, shopping centres.

A ceiling grill is an airy interior element which adds to the ceiling height in rooms. The whole surface of a ceiling grille can be utilised for ventilation purposes. Airflow distributors, as well as sprinklers, can be hidden behind the ceiling grille.

Ceiling Grille materials

Aluminium profiles are used as the main manufacturing material for grilles, but copper and brass can also be used.

Aluminium is a maintenance free and non-flammable material. It is an ecological solution because the life cycle is long, and it is completely recyclable. Due to their light quality, aluminium grilles, and their support structures are easier and faster to install than their heavier counterparts.

The grilles will be surface finished in a desired manner. Powder coating provides a durable surface which prevents UV-radiation, corrosion, abrasion, and scuffs. RAL-colour chart offers a wide array of colours to choose from.

Ceiling Grille designs

Ceiling grilles can be used in new and repair construction works. It is a hassle-free installation which offers a hygienic, easily maintainable, and if needed, an openable solution.

Ceiling grille is an easy alternative to creating stylish space. As the airspace above the grille is left open, air flow distributors, as well as sprinklers, can be comfortably hidden behind the ceiling grille.

Due to the Ceiling Grille being available in a variety of profiles, frames, and mounting methods, the grilles can be designed specifically to meet the requirements of an individual site. For example, individual solutions can be made by installing elements to different levels and utilising more than one colour.

In the design stage, we are happy to assist with any enquiries about different options or details. Contact us!


Revit models

Here you will find Revit models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add Ceiling Grilles to your project within seconds.

Revit models