Perforated Tiles  

Tile veiling achieves a clean and smooth surface to interior walls. It is completely customisable, enabling absolute design freedom.

Perforated Tiles create a durable and unique interior veiling for public spaces as well as office and corporation buildings. They can be also used to lift the appearance of a facade or act as a highlight. Perforated Tiles can be used for both new and renovative construction work. They retain their form and are both sustainable and low-maintenance.

Perforated Tiles made to order

The material, size, perforation, and surface finish are decided on an individual project-based basis. During design, it is advisable to note the primary tile size (1000 x 2000 mm to 1250 x 2500 mm), to minimise waste. The mounting of the tiles can be done using a requested method, e.g. exposed screws or hidden fastening, to create the desired effect.

The impression of a facade can be transformed by using a variety of different sized tiles, materials, colours, and spacing.

Our experts will be happy to help with the design and installation, as well provide an estimate of cost. Contact us!

Materials and surface finishes

We manufacture Perforated Tiles from aluminium, stainless steel, acid-proof steel, copper, and Cor-Ten steel. Different surface finishes can also control the colour, glossiness, reflection, and structure.


Aluminium is lightweight and resistant to corrosion caused by water and most chemicals. Options for surface finishing include:

  • powder coating,
  • anodising,
  • polishing/brushing.

Powder coating forms a hard surface that is both resistant to abrasions and chemical corrosion. Colour and level of glossiness can be chosen from the extensive RAL colour chart. Anodising thickens aluminium’s natural oxide surface creating a lasting sleek finish. The result is a hard, abrasion and weather-resistant surface. Polished and brushed aluminium tiles can be used to execute striking cladding solutions.

Stainless and acid-proof steel

Stainless steel maintains its shine and appearance very well. Thanks to its condense composition it requires little upkeep. Acid-proof steel is recommended in establishments where corrosive chemicals are handled. RST and HST steel tiles are available in different surface finishes, which regulate glossiness, reflection, and composition:

  • polish/brushing,
  • glass blasting,
  • rough sanding.


Naturally forming patina on copper creates a lively, natural, and long-lasting surface on walls. We also offer pre-patinated copper options, which will transform less over. We offer copper with:

  • no surface finish -> natural patina
  • distressing/patination.

Cor-Ten steel

Cor-Ten steel is a weather-resistant material, which develops a natural patina surface over time, just like copper. The patina gives the material a unique look and anti-corrosive properties, thus making it low-maintenance and cost-effective. Due to its anti-corrosive properties, it is environmentally friendly as it does not need to be regularly treated against corrosion.