Interior Walls

We design, manufacture, and install various metallic veiling solutions to interior walls to match the architect’s vision. Veiling done using louvers, grilles, and tiles is a durable solution, which suits many public spaces, such as shopping centres, hospitals, train stations, and undergrounds.

Our experts have exhaustive experience in designing and installing differing veiling solutions. We are happy to help with the design and provide an estimate of cost. We can answer any questions about mounting methods, layout, dimensions, installation, as well as the optimisation of expenses. Contact us!



Solutions for Interior Walls

Perforated Tiles  

Tile veiling achieves a clean and smooth surface to interior walls. It is completely customisable, enabling absolute design freedom. Perforated Tiles create a durable and unique interior veiling for public spaces as well as office…

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Wall Louvers

Wall louvers can be installed on both curved and straight walls. They create functional and durable interior surfaces for public spaces. Highly-adaptable wall louvers can be applied to most surfaces. Our modern solutions enable the…

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Architectural Wall Grilles

Architectural Wall Grilles can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Its weld-lock construction is designed for maximum durability and therefore can be installed to locations with demanding conditions, such as educational institutions and stations.  It is…

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