Framed entrance grate

The entrance grate helps to keep the interiors of the buildings tidy by reducing effectively the transport of pebbles and ravens indoors. The durable JS-PL foot grilles are stylish floor grilles for wind cabinets and exterior doors.

The entrance grate includes a foot grille and a separate underpass with ready-made drain or line drain connections.

We manufacture foot grilles for e.g. shopping malls entrances and office buildings, and doorways to smaller properties. Our tubular assembled foot grilles are practical in front of public entrances and in wind cabinets, where the base should be firm and practical. We always make the grilles according to the object as custom-made work. We also have a solution for challenging projects.

The ready to cast mounting tray ensures that the foot grille fits. The trough is installed already in the casting phase and the robust frame structure ensures that the installation opening remains intact and in its dimensions during the rest of the construction time. The actual grille is lifted into place during the commissioning of the building.

We also offer ready-made Revit models for this product.