Floor Grates

Our Floor Grates are suited as covers for floor vents, window benches, and trench radiators.

Floor grates made to order

We manufacture custom-made floor grates to the dimensions provided by the client. LS-P Floor Grate provides a durable, aesthetically pleasing solution for any application. The main material of the floor grilles is aluminum. Other materials, stainless steel or brass are also possible.

Floor grates are designed for interior spaces and walkways. The floor grates are made of either aluminun, stainless steel, acid-proof steel or brass.

Floor grate – features

  • Tailor made to a required length and width
  • Height is adjusted case-by-case
  • A choice of aluminum, stainless steel, acid-proof steel or brass
  • Ideal for light applications, but can also be designed and manufactured for heavy applications.

Floor grates – references

You can find our floor grates in places such as the Helsinki Music Centre and the Finnish Parliament House.

Architectural freedom of design

Alupro’s goal is to provide architects, designers, and contractors with the best products and service in the industry. Our custom-made products meet the architectural and HVAC industry standards. They provide optimum durability and performance in any environment without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Whether your needs are for new construction or renovation, Alupro has got your back.

Our wide range of options and tailored solutions ensure you will find the perfect products for you. Contact Alupro and speak to one of our specialists today.

We also offer entrance grates

Entrance grates help keep interiors clean by efficiently reducing the number of small stones and mud from being transferred indoors.

Alupro’s stylish JS-PL Entrance Grates are a great option for floors in front of vestibules and front doors. Our durable and sturdy entrance grates are custom-made of either stainless steel, acid-proof steel, or brass. JS-PL entrance grates can also optionally come with ready-to-cast installation trays. Read more about our Entrance Grates >


Revit models

Here you will find Revit models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add Floor Grates to your project within seconds.

Revit models