We offer floor and entrance grates custom-made for our clients. The floor and entrance grates are made of stainless steel, acid-proof steel or brass.

Our experts will be happy to help with the design and installation, as well provide an estimate of cost. Contact us!


Entrance Grates

Entrance grates help keep interiors clean by efficiently reducing the number of small stones and mud from being transferred indoors. Stylish JS-PL Entrance Grates are a great option for floors in front of vestibules and…

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Floor Grates

Our Floor Grates are suited as covers for floor vents, window benches, and trench radiators. Floor grates made to order We manufacture custom-made floor grates to the dimensions provided by the client. LS-P Floor Grate…

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Framed entrance grate

The entrance grate helps to keep the interiors of the buildings tidy by reducing effectively the transport of pebbles and ravens indoors. The durable JS-PL foot grilles are stylish floor grilles for wind cabinets and…

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