Wing Louver Sun Shade

Wing louver shading effectively protects against direct sunlight and can be used to help reflect heat away from building windows, thus saves energy by reducing the need for mechanised ventilation.

External sunscreens stop excessive heat from reaching inside. With proper execution, sun shade solutions save energy while also improving the overall comfort of the interior. External sunscreens shade efficiently and stop thermal radiation before it reaches indoors.

Wing Louver as sun shade

Wing Louvers are a great choice in buildings where efficient and durable shading is needed from the sun all year round. They act as cover from the sun’s glare without obscuring the view from inside to outside.

Wing Louver protects windows and entrances from the sun, either as individual units or as a series of interlocking units covering the whole wall. The louver also efficiently prevents glare and distracting reflections from outside, thus improving working conditions, work safety, and enhancing overall comfort of the interior. It is very low-maintenance due to its robust structure.

Wing Louver suits new and repair construction work. Examples of installation sites include office buildings, shopping centres, different sorts of public buildings, as well as factories.

Custom-made Wing Louver

We manufacture wing louvers from aluminium custom-made for each project. With different sizes and installation angles, individual solutions are created to enhance facades. Spacing is fully variable. Spacing and installation angle can be used to affect appearance and veiling of the façade.

Wing Louver’s and its fasteners’ compatable product family allows designing to be flexible. They can be used interchangeably with other frame and fasteners from our range of products. Wing Louvers can be produced in different sizes.

The louvers are surface finished according to the wishes of the client. Powder coating creates a durable and weather resistant surface. RAL-colour chart is used for picking a desired colour and degrees of glossiness. The coat is flexible and withstands strong UV-light as well as drastic changes in temperature.

Our façade experts will be happy to aid with the design of a remodeling of a façade, give you an estimate of cost, and answer any installation enquiries. Contact us today!


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