PS-P Sun Shade Louver

PS-P Sun Shade Louver outside of the window prevents excessive heat and sunlight.

PS-P Sun Shade Louver is a lightweight, overhead windows or front-mounted sun protection system, which prevents excessive heat and dazzling sunlight coming indoors without blocking the visibility outside. The horizontal design is ideal for buildings with a large window surface. PS-P Sun Shade Louvers save energy by reducing the need for mechanical ventilation.

Custom-made sun shade louver

Alupro’s louvers can be made of aluminium, brass, copper or acid-proof steel, exactly in the desired shape and length. Curved solutions can also be produced. With different shapes and spacings, the possibilities of utilization expand to various implementations. Finishing is available in an array of colours.

Sun shade louver as a facade

PS-P Sun Shade Louver is an ideal choice in buildings where efficient shading is needed from the sun all year round.

The sun shade louvers are suited for apartment buildings, office buildings, factories, shopping centres, as well as public buildings like schools. They can be installed horizontally, inclined, or vertically according to specific requirements or wishes of the client. They suit all manner of facades, as well as new and repair construction work.

PS-P Sun Shade Louvers protect windows and entrances from the sun, either as individual units or as a series of interlocking units covering the whole wall.  They can be used as sunscreen on all levels of a building.

We provide special solutions in accordance with the specific requirements of a building. The sun shade louvers can be designed using our large range of profile models, shapes, and colours.

Sun shade louvers prevent overheating

External sun shading is proven to be the most effective method in preventing overheating of buildings. The louvers are installed outside the window and provide effective shadowing, as well as stop the excessive heat from reaching inside. They save energy by reducing the need for mechanical ventilation.

External sunscreen is proven to be more effective than internal sunscreens since it stops excessive heat from reaching inside. It also prevents glare and distracting reflections coming from outside, thus improving working conditions, work safety, and enhancing the overall comfort of the interior.

The sun shade louvers can be integrated into the façade or they can be used to lift the appearance of the façade.

Sun shade louver – design

Effective sunscreen is essential in apartments as well as offices. Without sunscreens, interior spaces can heat up to intolerable levels in a very short amount of time with/without air conditioning. The sunscreens can also act as privacy barriers and are specially constructed to obscure the view from outside to inside, but not vice versa. Aesthetic must also be considered when choosing a sunscreen. Alupro’s external sun shade solutions meet all the aforementioned demands.


Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add PS-P Sun Shade Louvers to your project within seconds.

Revit models