AluClik Sun Shade Louver

AluClik Sun Shade Louver is an efficient solution installed overhead windows. An excellent choice in buildings where high-performance shading is needed from the sun all year round. The louvers can be integrated into the facade or they can be used to lift the appearance of the facade.

Proven to be effective

External sun shading is proven to be the most effective method in preventing overheating of buildings. Our sun shade louver can protect windows and entrances from the sun, either as individual units or as a series of interlocking units covering the whole wall. It also efficiently prevents glare and distracting reflections from outside, thus improving working conditions, work safety, and enhancing the overall comfort of the interior.

A sun shade louver halts most of the thermal radiation before it even reaches the window. As the louver is not attached to the window, it allows air to flow freely and stops heat being trapped between the louver and the window.

Sun shade louver – design

AluClik Sun Shade Louver can be designed from a large selection of different profile models, shapes, and colours. Our primary range includes over 10 different profiles, however, we can also design completely new profiles if required. Spacing is also fully variable. Curved profiles can also be requested.

We will surface finish all our products in our own factory. Powder coating provides an UV-protected, weather resistant, and long-lasting surface. Colours can be selected from the extensive RAL colour chart.

Alternatively, louvers can be anodised to create stylish hues. In addition, aluminum structures can be painted with so-called washable paint to remove graffiti from the facade quickly.

Sun shade louver is effortlessly installed

Sun Shade Louvers can be assembled and installed effortlessly and quickly. High quality, instant mounting is the basis of our mounting system which saves time and money.


Revit models

Here you will find Revit models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add Sun Shade Louvers to your project within seconds.

Revit models