Sun Shade Solutions

Our Sun Shade Solutions for buildings cover various louvers, which are an efficient solution overhead windows. They are an excellent choice in buildings where shading is needed from the sun all year round. The louvers can be integrated into the facade or they can be used to lift the appearance of the facade. They are applicable in new and repair construction works.

Sun Shade Solutions prevent glare

Research shows that exterior sun shades are more efficient in preventing dazzling sunlight and excessive heat coming indoors. A sun shade louver can protect windows and entrances from the sun, either as individual units or as a series of interlocking units covering the whole wall. They also prevent glare and reflections from outside, thus enhancing the comfort of the interior.

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Our Sun Shade Solutions

AluClik Sun Shade Louver

AluClik Sun Shade Louver is an efficient solution installed overhead windows. An excellent choice in buildings where high-performance shading is needed from the sun all year round. The louvers can be integrated into the facade…

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PS-P Sun Shade Louver

PS-P Sun Shade Louver outside of the window prevents excessive heat and sunlight. PS-P Sun Shade Louver is a lightweight, overhead windows or front-mounted sun protection system, which prevents excessive heat and dazzling sunlight coming…

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Wing Louver Sun Shade

Wing louver shading effectively protects against direct sunlight and can be used to help reflect heat away from building windows, thus saves energy by reducing the need for mechanised ventilation. External sunscreens stop excessive heat…

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Horizontal sunshade

The Horizontal sunshade is an attractive and functional solution for sun protection. Lightweight sunshades installed above the windows create stylish solutions for the exterior walls of buildings. Horizontal sunshade effectively prevent excessive sun roasting and…

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Material bank

Here you will find Revit models and other material to support the design.

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