Special Solutions

We can create some of the most impressive architectural surfaces. This is often achieved by combining different materials and shapes to design surfaces that are both functional and fascinating.

We have helped manufacture personalised facades to office buildings, shopping centres, parking halls, undergrounds and train stations, as well as many other public buildings. We have also been involved in the production of public artworks.

Our aim is to make sure that under each exquisite surface is a structure that is both functional and sustainable. Besides aluminium, we also use metals such as copper and Cor-Ten steel, such as those adorning the facade of the shopping centre Redi.

If you want to work with us, we recommend getting in touch with us as early as possible. We can offer valuable solutions and suggestions that will save time and money, as well as further ideas on the execution of the project. We can work from just your vision or idea, no matter how small. Contact us!



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