Mesh facades

Alupro’s facade mesh bend in many ways without compromising on visions. They can be used to customize functional and impressive facades. Customized playful color blocks can be obtained for any building using our mesh for the facades.

Facade mesh give a modern and stylish impression. In addition they are very durable. Thanks to their formability, they are suitable for different types of buildings. We have carried out several demanding facade projects together with architects. See our references >

Facade mesh give a new look and protects from the sun

The mesh create an exciting raster surface for the facades. They give the architecture a new look, protect from the sun and at the same time reduce the need for cooling energy. Networks are suitable for a wide range of objects, both as an effect on the facade and as a complete facade. The dimensions of the network are designed according to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Most of the time, we use aluminum as the mesh material, which is lighter than steel and can withstand weather changes well. The aluminum material is recyclable and maintenance-free, and can also be coated to the desired shade.

In addition to aluminum, facade nets are also made of copper, brass and stainless and acid-resistant steel.

Powder-coated aluminum achieves a UV-protected weather-resistant, long-lasting surface. All shades of the RAL color chart are used. Aluminum can also be treated with an anti-graffiti coating, for example making it easy to remove unwanted graffiti and not have to repaint stained surfaces.

Facade mesh for sun protection

The nets are an excellent solution for sun protection in places where functional sun protection is required all year round. The sun protection net can be integrated into the façade or it can be used to renew the look of the façade.

External sun protection is the most effective means of combating the heat of a building. Facade nets protect the windows from the sun and excessive heat. The nets also effectively prevent glare and distracting reflections and thus improve working conditions, comfort and safety in all spaces.

The sun protection net outside the building stops much of the sun’s radiation even before the glass. Because the net is not attached to the window, air can circulate and heat is not trapped between the mesh and the window. Different solutions can be used to implement individual solutions for different needs and facade architecture.

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