US-P outdoor louver

The US-P outdoor louver is a traditional louver, that due to its versatility can be used as an inconspicuous part of a building or as an interesting architectural detail. It can also be bent into a curved louver. Several different blade profiles and divisions allow a different architectural implementations.

Outdoor grille according to your wishes

We always manufacture external louvers according to the dimensions required by the object. The louver is made as an element to cover a certain area. Different frame solutions for the louver allow for different installation details.

In addition to extruded aluminum we use copper, brass and stainless steel as the material. The surface treatment can be made according to the architect’s specifications.

outdoor louver – dimensions

The louvers are made to the desired size. The recommended maximum size of the element is 3000 x 1200 mm, larger fields are manufactured in a modular structure. US-P (V) standard blades types are 1, 2 and 3B. The mesh size ” small animal net” shall be 13 x 13 mm.

Usually the dimensioning is based on the finished opening. The order must state:

– Aperture L x H (width x height)

– Installation method:

  • DET1 with frame without flange
  • DET2 with fixed mounting frame
  • DET3 frameless
  • DET4 with separate mounting frame.

The dimensions of the louver are ( opening dimensions -10 )mm.

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Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add US-P Louvers to your project within seconds.

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