PS-P Louver

PS-P Louver is a highly-adaptable product that can be installed in facades, suspended ceilings, and interior walls. Our selection also includes the PS-P Sun Shade Louver which is installed outside of windows to provide effective sun shading. The louvers can also be made curved or cylindrical.

PS-P Louver for facades and interior walls

PS-P louvers suit all manner of architectural facades for both new and renovative construction work. Traditionally, the louver is used as protection of indoor ventilators and air holes, however, our versatile PS-P Louvers can be used to complete entire facades as a functional and modern design element. The louvers can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Unique configurations can be found to provide a solution to specific needs.

Our modern solutions enable the creation of visually stunning facade ensembles. They can also be used for less striking applications, such as veiling of a room with machinery. Optionally, they can act as privacy barriers and can be specifically constructed to obscure the view from one direction, whilst allowing visibility vice versa.

Highly-adaptable PS-P Louver

PS-P Louvers are always custom-made to meet both the requirements of the installation location and the vision of the architect. Besides extruded aluminium, copper, brass, and acid-proof steel can also be used.

The louvers can be made with or without frames depending on the intended application. Various profiles and spacing options allow for flexibility in design.  Cylindrical louvers can be used for the veiling of curved surfaces. Curved louvers can also be installed in front of or around objects such as heat and water pipes, radiators, and air holes.

The louvers will be surface finished using powder coating. Powder coating ensures a UV-protected, weather resistant, and long-lasting surface. Colour can be chosen from the extensive RAL colour chart. In addition, the louvers can be treated with an anti-graffiti coating, so that any graffiti is removable.

PS-P Sun Shade Louver

PS-P Louver is an ideal choice in front of windows in buildings where efficient shading is needed from the sun all year round. Sun shade louvers help save energy by reducing the need for mechanical ventilation. They are suitable for a variety of applications and can be used to create entire facades or simply lift the appearance of one. Various profiles, sizes, and colour combinations allow for flexibility in design. Read more about our PS-P Sun Shade Louver >>

PS-P Ceiling Louver

PS-P Ceiling Louvers are manufactured to the desired shape and length, and even curved solutions are possible. The louvers can be made of aluminium, brass, copper, or stainless steel. With the use of different shapes and spacings, creative solutions can be found for even the most challenging of spaces. Read more about our PS-P Ceiling Louver >>


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