PS-P Louver

PS-P Metal louver are suitable for all types of facades, both new buildings and renovation projects. The PS-P louver adapts to many needs thanks to its customizability. It is used for example:

  • as protection for indoor ventilation openings and radiator ducts
  • as practical interior elements for both indoor and outdoor use
  • to cover for example, less attractive technical surfaces
  • as a visor in rooms that want to protect from outside prying eyes without obstructing the view from the inside out
  • as ceiling grilles for suspended ceilings.

Read more about the product in the PS-P louver brochure!

louver production options in different metals and shapes

We make custom-made PS-P grilles in aluminum, brass, copper or stainless steel in exactly the desired shape and length.

louvers are available with or without frames, depending on the needs of the application. With different shapes and slots, the possibilities of use expand to very different implementations. As a cylindrical grille, it is used for example, for upholstering a curved surface and as an upholstery grille for a exhaust ventilation . Curved cover louver can also be installed in front of and / or around heating and water pipes radiators and ventilation openings.

The louvers are surface-treated to the desired color. Powder coating achieves a UV-protected, weather-resistant, long-lasting surface. We use all the shades of the RAL color chart. We can also treat the grilles with an anti-graffiti coating, making unwanted graffiti easy to remove and no need to repaint stubborn surfaces.

Louver installation

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The PS-P louver acts as an effective sun protection grille outside the window. The PS-P Sun Shade louver is an excellent solution for applications where functional sun protection is required all year round. The sun visor brings energy savings by reducing the need for air conditioning. It can be integrated into the façade or it can be used to enhance the look of the façade. The sunshade can be designed from a wide range of profiles and shapes as well as many colors.

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Take a closer look at the PS-P louver

Read more about the product in the PS-P louver brochure and find out the uses of the grille below!



Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add PS-P Louvers to your project within seconds.

Revit models