AluClik Louver

The AluClik façade louver is a form-locked aluminum grille that creates different and personal façade surfaces according to the designer’s choices. The architects’ visions come true with the AluClik façade louver, which bring elegance to the facades of shopping malls, office buildings and car parks.

The facade louver brings style to many objects

AluClik louver have a very wide range of applications: they are used among other things:

  • façade
  • as sunscreens
  • storm protection
  • suspended ceilings
  • as cover and decorative grilles.

The grilles can be installed horizontally or vertically. AluClik louver provide functional and light surfaces for various public spaces, including indoor facade.

AluClik is a popular choice when considering the look of a car park. The façade of the car park must be impressive and can be obtained with different types of blades, and the stepless blade spacing allows for the desired and required transparency.

Grilles can also be used to cover less attractive surfaces, such as technical rooms. The grille also acts as a visual protection, For example, in spaces that you want to protect from prying eyes without obstructing the view from the inside out.

Combinations of different profiles and colors

Combinations of different profiles and colors create a multi-nuanced and eye-catching surface. AluClik’s modern implementations result in spectacular interior design.

AluClik louver system includes more than ten different profile models as well as the necessary frames and mounting parts. All louvre and frame options are fully compatible with each other. The blades division can be selected steplessly. Curved and cylindrical shapes are also possible. If necessary we can design and implement completely new profile templates.

We treat the grilles surface as desired. Powder firing gives a UV-protected, weather-resistant, long-lasting surface. All shades of the RAL color chart are used. on other hand, the grilles can also be anodized in a variety of stylish shades. Aluminum louver can also be treated with an anti-graffiti coating, for example making it easy to remove unwanted graffiti and not have to repaint stained surfaces.

The facade grille is easy to install

AluClik grilles are assembled on site quickly and easily. A high-quality, quick-mounting system saves time and installation costs.




Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add AluClik facade louvers to your project.

Revit models