ACE Tile Louver

The ACE grille is an opportunity for architects to create their own blade model from a sheet metal that is assembled efficiently and reliably at the installation site. Different materials can be used according to the requirements of the object.

The architects’ visions come true with ACE louver, even on large surfaces such as the facades of shopping malls, office buildings and car parks. An impressive façade surface is achieved e.g. by Cor-ten material, where Alupro’s ACE installing method ensures that the material operates in accordance with the design instructions. Naturally, the water control and free ventilation of the material must also be taken into account in the design of the Cor-ten slat itself.

ACE louver – materials and shapes

The system can utilize any sheet material in which bends and mounting holes can be made and can be cut to the desired shape. Material thicknesses depend on the shapes and desired protrusions. Because the system is based on the same stacking method as AluClik facade grilles, the frame options are selectively compatible according to the AluClik system.

The blades spacing can be selected steplessly. The distribution of the blades is ensured by industrial methods on machine tools at the factory. The placement of the blades in the planned horizontal and vertical positions is determined according to the factory accuracy. The straight vertical seams of the slats are created with the precision of the extruded profiles even over long distances when the fastening holes of the slats are made at the factory. The height position can be adjusted very precisely on site with a form-locked sliding profile. The height position of the blades is locked using the factory-fitted locking screws. At the construction site, make sure that each locking screw installed at the factory is tightened.

The surface and the stacking profile can be treated as desired

The profile used for stacking can be powder coated to the desired shade. In this case, it is also possible to fade the stacking frame into the background by painting it in the background tone or by fading it into the shadows in black.

As it is a blades made of sheet metal, the design can make great use of the further processing properties of the sheets, such as perforation or even grinding. When the louvre material is aluminum, it can be surface treated as desired. Powder firing gives a UV-protected, weather-resistant, long-lasting surface. All shades of the RAL color chart are used for powder coating.



Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add ACE tile louvers to your project within seconds.

Revit models