Our AluLimi system supports most materials. The thickness of a panel can range between 6-10mm. Using our system, it is easy to form a horizontal effect to any desired facade. The architect can control the vertical depth to match their horizontal module spacing, as long as the requirements of the material itself are noted.

AluLimi system lines surfaces using various materials

Using the seams and lining of the panels, a playful vertical effect can be achieved.  The seaming of the panels can be freely mixed to realise the architect’s vision.

If a completely vertical facade is preferred, the AluLimi system can be adjusted to provide this, with the panels overlapping each other by a few millimeters. The AluLimi system can act as a barrier due to the horizontal profile of its slanted panels, providing privacy or shielding.

The frame system is based on the joining of vertical profiles to horizontal support profiles. The two frames are made of aluminium, and can be surface treated by either powder coating or anodisation.

We have three kinds of vertical frame profiles in the AluLimi system. They differ in depth; the smallest hat-shaped profile is 25 mm deep, and the larger one is 76 mm deep. The third option is a body profile which is 50 mm deep. For larger construction projects we can design customised vertical frame profiles, to meet technical or architectural prerequisites.

Design freedom using AluLimi system

AluLimi system enables the use of a wide array of materials, making our system stand out from other alternatives on the market. The overlapping architectural surface can be built from materials such as glass, copper, stone, sunshade panels, and composite material.

The chosen surface material will be mounted to the AluLimi system using EPDM rubber seals. The EPDM seals prevent tremors and the galvanic effects of electrochemical cells. The seals allow us to use most materials, even more delicate ones. They can be used in temperatures ranging between -50 C° and 120 C°. Ozone, oxygen, and ultraviolet radiation have little impact on EPDM rubber, so they will comfortably endure exposure to climates.


Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add AluLimi products within seconds to your project.

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