AluLimi Lite

The AluLimi Lite system has the same foundation as other products in the AluLimi family. AluLimi Lite, however, enables the use of sheet metal in facades. The width of the sheet metal can range from 0.6 mm to 5 mm. Curved facades are also achievable using the AluLimi Lite system.

AluLimi Lite enables the use of sheet metal

An architect is able to control both the protrusion of the horizontal and vertical sheets. We ensure the straightness of the sheets with the use of extruded frame profiles. The sheets will be fastened to extruded frame profiles from above and below.

Sheet metals are fastened to the frame profiles using EPDM rubber seals. The seals allow the use of other metals, besides aluminium, such as Cor-Ten steel and copper.

Framing system uses the same vertical profiles as the rest of the AluLimi products. The framing can also be done using 10 mm deep profiles, however, this restricts design freedom as the frames have to be uniform and the spacing between the screws can vary up to a maximum of 300 mm in accordance with the kinetic theory of gases.


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