Facade Cassettes

Facade Cassettes are a modern and stylish solution for any facade. They provide a vibrant finish, are durable and easily installed. Tailored cassettes allow for a lot of flexibility in design. A cassette is lightweight but very durable in design, therefore it is suited for sites with demanding conditions.

Custom-made facade cassettes

All facade cassettes are made to order and surface treated according to the wishes of the client. We offer cassettes in aluminium, steel, and/or copper.
Facade cassettes enable using various materials, spacings, colours, and sizes to produce diverse and stimulating facades. Using perforated façade products, a unique and atmospheric facade can be created with patterns, transparency, and light.

Facade cassettes can be easily combined with other facade products, such as meshes, to find an architectural solution that is both one-of-a-kind and functional.

Facade cassettes application

Facade cassettes are suited for new and repair construction work. They are applicable to, for example:

  • public buildings,
  • office buildings,
  • factories and warehouses.

Our facade experts will be happy to aid with the design of a remodeling of a facade, give you an estimate of cost, and answer any installation enquiries. Contact us today!

Alupro – aluminium expert

Our experts have long-standing experience with designing, manufacturing, surface finishing, and installing different kinds of facade solutions. Our own factory and powder coat painting shop being in the same building ensure that production is uninterrupted and under our supervision. The finished product is always a high-quality solution that meets all the expectations of the client. Delivery will always be handled according to agreed conditions and schedules, with room for flexibility.

Leading manufacturer of innovative facades

Alupro wants to be part of the process of creating a brilliant and sustainable environment, which delights in every sense.

We aspire to fulfill even the most challenging visions and find solutions to problematic scenarios. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities and possibilities for new innovations. We pay great attention to detail in both the plans of the architects and the engineers. Construction, marine and offshore industries all require inventive solutions which we actively develop by engaging in a further study of the aforementioned fields.

Our proprietary machines and automated lines are mostly created by us and produce first-class aluminium structures. Aluminium and stainless steel are widely used for their recyclability and resilient nature. Our factory is in Tuusula, Finland, a short drive away from Helsinki airport. Though our output is extensive, the feeling inside is that of an intimate workshop, allowing us to appreciate both the efforts of our engineers and manual workers. The combined efforts create a visually pleasing, seamless, and functional finish which mesmerizes us and our customers.

Shall we work together to create something that will make us proud for a lifetime?