Architectural Grilles

Architectural grilles create lively and compelling facades. A wide range of options for spacing and sizes make the RR grille a highly adaptable product. The grilles are light but durable , so they are well suited for objects that require protection. At the same time, the need for sun protection or vision protection in the building can also be solved.

Grilles for facade solution and sun protection

The Alupro RR grid is very suitable for heavy – duty applications such as

  • Schools
  • Stations
  • other public buildings.

In addition to outdoor use, grid gratings are well suited for indoor use, for example

  • interior facade
  • space dividers
  • railings.

Aluminum, copper and brass made gratings

Aluminum profiles are used as the main material for the gratings. Copper and brass can also be used. As a material aluminum is ecological, because it has a long life cycle and is fully recyclable. The aluminum grille is cost-effective and maintenance-free. Thanks to their light weight, the installation of aluminum gratings and support structures is easier and faster than that of similar steel gratings.

The gratings are surface treated to the desired color. Powder coating achieves a UV-protected, weather-resistant, long-lasting surface. All shades of the RAL color chart are used. In addition, aluminum structures can be treated with an anti-graffiti coating.

Grilles for sun protection

Grilles is an excellent solution for sun protection in places where durable and functional sun protection is required all year round. The sun protection grille can be integrated into the façade or it can enhance the look of the façade.

External sun protection has been researched to be the most effective way to combat the heat of a building. Grid gratings protect windows and entrances from the sun as well as excessive heat, thus increasing the comfort of the interior. It also effectively prevent glare and distracting reflections, improving working conditions, occupational safety and comfort in all spaces.

The sun protection grille outside the building stops much of the sun’s radiation even before the glass. Because the grille is not stuck in the window, air can circulate and heat is not trapped between the grille and the window. Combinations of different screen divisions provide the desired shading.

Are you interested? We design the grating that you need

The grilles can be designed to suit the needs of the building. Check out the example sites below!

We will be happy to help you already in the planning phase of the project. We advise you to inquire about implementation options and details. Take contact!



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