Architectural Grilles

Architectural grilles create lively and compelling facades. A wide range of options for spacing and sizes make the RR grille a highly adaptable product.

Architectural Grilles for facades and sun shades

The structure of the RR Grille is light but extremely durable, and thus it is an ideal choice for resilient façades. The grilles create a sleek surface which also functions as a sun shade.

Our RR Grilles are suited for public buildings such as schools and stations. The lightweight grilles can be used for architectural facades or in technical solutions as sunscreens or visibility barriers. They can also be applied to interiors as cladding, for dividing open space, or as railings.

Thanks to the lightweight quality of the grilles and their support structures, installation is quick and easy.

RR Grilles – materials and surface finish

We use aluminium as the main material of architectural grilles, but we also make them out of copper and brass. Aluminium is an ecological material, as it is long-lasting and completely recyclable. Aluminium grilles are cost-efficient and low-maintenance.

The RR Grilles will be surface finished to a preferred colour. Powder coating creates a UV protected and resilient surface. Colour can be chosen from the extensive RAL colour chart. The grilles can also be treated with an anti-graffiti coating.

Architectural grilles as sun shades

Architectural grilles function as sun shades extremely well all year round. A sun shade grille can be integrated to a facade or used to lift the appearance of it.

External sun shading is proven to be the most effective method in preventing overheating of buildings. Sun shade grilles cover windows and entrances from the sun and prevent excessive heat from reaching inside. They also efficiently prevents glare and distracting reflections from outside, thus improving working conditions, work safety, and enhancing the overall comfort of the interior.

Sun shade grille stops most of the thermal radiation before it even reaches the window. As the grille is not attached to the window, it allows air to flow freely and prevents heat from being trapped between the grille and the window. Use of different grid core sizes allows for the creation of a specific shading effect.


Due to our large selection of profiles, frames, and fastenings, architectural grilles can be designed to meet the exact requirements of each building project. We are happy to help with the design early on and answer questions about the execution, options, and details. Contact us!


Revit models

Here you will find models, sample projects and guidelines that will help you add Architectural Grilles within seconds to your project.

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