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Our products are among the finest when it comes to facade solutions, louver cladding, technical louvers, and safety railings. We engineer highly functional visually stunning architecture. We deliver and install to the right place at the right time.

Facade Solutions

Facade Cassettes

Facade Cassettes are a modern and stylish solution for any facade. They provide a vibrant finish, are durable and easily installed. Tailored cassettes allow for a lot of flexibility in design. A cassette is lightweight…

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Limi Surfaces

Limi surfaces are overlapping architectural surfaces where the surface panels are at an angle. We have developed two new systems for Limi surfaces: AluLimi and AluLimi Lite. Both of them produce overlapping architectural surfaces, with…

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More Facade Solutions

Special Solutions

We can create some of the most impressive architectural surfaces. This is often achieved by combining different materials and shapes to design surfaces that are both functional and fascinating. We have helped manufacture personalised facades…

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Sun Shade Solutions

Our Sun Shade Solutions for buildings cover various louvers, which are an efficient solution overhead windows. They are an excellent choice in buildings where shading is needed from the sun all year round. The louvers…

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Louvers are a stylish and sustainable solution to public spaces, such as stations, shopping centres, and hospitals. They create functional and lightweight architectural surfaces to both indoors and outdoors. Louvers can be applied straight or…

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Facade tiles create a smart and even facade. They are suitable to most spaces, and tailored facade tile cladding allows flexibility in design. They can be used to make original facades for public, residential, and…

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Interior facades


We offer floor and entrance grates custom-made for our clients. The floor and entrance grates are made of stainless steel, acid-proof steel or brass. Our experts will be happy to help with the design and installation,…

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Interior Walls

We design, manufacture, and install various metallic veiling solutions to interior walls to match the architect’s vision. Veiling done using louvers, grilles, and tiles is a durable solution, which suits many public spaces, such as…

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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings are always custom-made according to the wishes of the client. We have a number of working well-made and sustainable options for ceiling cladding: tiles, AluClik Louvers, PS-P Louvers, and Ceiling Grilles. Read more…

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Ventilation Louvers

AluClik Storm Louver

AluClik Storm Louver provides a striking and effective weather protection barrier for air inlets. It prevents water and snow from entering the building. AluClik Storm Louvers are suitable for ventilated facades and a wide range…

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Our first class demisters  are designed to provide more efficient ventilantion in extreme conditions, compared to our traditional architectural louvers. In our more advanced and specialised louvers, the design is based on a vertical maze-like…

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IV-AV Ventilation Louver

IV-AV Ventilation Louver is designed for the intake and exhaust of air on facades of buildings. It has an optimized structure for high-performance water separation and low pressure loss. Performance is based on the capability…

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Safety Railings

AluFix Solid

AluFix Solid safety railing is sturdy. It is easy to install in a wide variety of locations, including flat and 10-degree inclined roofs, and roofs with parapets. AluFix Solid safety railing remains firmly in place…

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AluRail crash barrier

AluRail crash barrier is a safety solution for demanding conditions. The aluminium crash barriers installed in parking halls soften the impact in possible traffic accidents. Besides AluRail’s safety features, our crash barrier is also a…

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